6 February 2017 – Update

  • I posted a ton of new work over the Winter break, but things are certainly slowing down now that school is back in session. School, family, and work are taking priority over working on new photos that aren’t work related.
  • I added a Sales/Service page which details how to buy prints from me and what services I offer.
  • I completely updated this website’s design. I like it much better.
  • I brought back the blog.
  • I ordered new business cards. I’ll update with pics once they arrive. They are simple and cohesive with the new website.
  • I added more social media accounts (check the footer).
  • For my non-work photography, I’m going to try my best to use one lens only except for when I’m doing portraits of my daughter, which is when I need the bokeh lens! I like the idea of the simplicity and challenge of using one lens only.
  • I’m considering taking a stab at videography…
  • And finally, I am extremely busy, but life is good.



My five-month-old daughter, Aurora.


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