My Time with the Ricoh GRD II and III

I started with a GRD II (full name: GR Digital II). My first outing with this camera was to the grocery store.

Much experimentation ensued, and I took the GRD II everywhere with me. Eventually, the Pennsville photo series came to life. I also took the GRD II with me to the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland.

Then, I accidentally dropped my GR on the ground and busted the lens. At this point, I tried using my DSLR like I would a GR. I came up with this shot below, but I knew that I needed the light weight and compactness of the GR.


Within a week, I found a GRD III and got it for a song. What I like most about this camera over the II is the addition of a shutter priority mode and the ability to change the snap focus distance. Below are some shots that I took with the GRD III.

I used the GRD III for a couple of months until I upgraded to the GR. (The GRD IV, by the way, seems like only a minor improvement over the III.) The newest GR is faster and has much better image quality. It also features an APS-C sensor, making it the smallest camera with such a sensor. It is a powerful little camera, but my one complaint is that these GRs seem to be dust-prone and cleaning is not possible without disassembly.

Updated 13 May 2017: Here are some of my favorite photos that I took with the GR after this post was published.

Update 16 June 2017: I haven’t been using these GRs as much lately, but I sometimes take one along with me on bike rides. Here is a landscape I got at around 5:30 one morning.


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