Hamilton Pedrick is a photographer and graphic designer living in Pennsville, New Jersey. He was born in 1990 and raised in Penns Grove, New Jersey. Hamilton first became interested in design around age ten, when he taught himself HTML (website language) and, alongside MS Paint for the graphics, published his first website—a fan page for his favorite video game, nonetheless. Around age twelve, he took up film photography at summer camp and has been an avid photographer ever since.

Hamilton graduated from Salem Community College in 2017 with an AFA in Computer Graphic Art. During his time there, his photography was exhibited in the 2016 Self-Identity group exhibition and his 2017 Snapshots solo exhibition. His work has been published by Carneys Point Township, Salem Community College, From the Oak Desk, The South Jersey Times, and The Hub Cyclery. Hamilton currently attends Rowan University and is working towards a BA in Art with a minor in Art History.